Home made spa. Procedure No 4.

Hello my lovely readers.

There's a lot of terrifying things in life like seeing a spider next to your bed, or not feeling a phone in your pocket etc

I found another think to add to this list - putting mayonnaise in your hair.

Yes. I turned another page in my little spa book and today I tried 'cinco de mayo'' as Laima have called it.

To make this you need 4 tablespoons with mayo and 2 tablespoons with oil. I guess it doesn't matter what kind of oil you use, If you better like olive oil use that or whatever.

So you put it in your hair and leave it there for 2 hours. I was really scared so I kept in only for an hour.

I searched this mask online, because seriously, I'm scared to put mayonnaise in my hair, And I found out that oil and mayonnaise conditioning treatment will help you soften your hair, making it shiny and manageable according to website Beauty -Cosmetic - Guide.

It also said that when you wash your hair afterwards, you need to avoid using warm water or applying heat to prevent the unpleasant possibility of cooking eggs onto your hair. The website Women Fitness recommends you to rinse your hair with dilute apple cider vinegar, to help remove the smell or oil.

Honestly, I think if you shampoo your hair enough it should be just fine.

So I spend like 10 minutes trying to wash it all out and then added lots of shampoo so y hair doesn't smell bad.

I have to say it really helps.It's much easier to brush hair and they are really manageable and soft. So if you want to have the same, then don't be scared and try. It might feel strange, but Laima was right, it's worth it.

All the love. Annie. xoxo


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