Dream collage

Hello my dear readers.

Have you ever have had so many little dreams and you just want them all to come true really badly? Dreams like starting a good college, pass your driving exam or buy the shoes you saw in your favorite shop. 

We all have big dreams and small dreams. Long term dreams and short term dreams.And we all of course want our dreams to come true right? That's why they are called our dreams haha. 

So that's why me, my sister and my mum have made a new tradition - at the very beginning of year (usually it's 31st December or 3rd January) we make a dream collage. 

What is dream collage and how to make it? Well you are about to find out right now! 

Dream collage is a thing where you cut out of old magazines pictures who are connected with your dreams.For example, your dream is to get married this year, so you search for many images who remind you of wedding ( dress, cake, white color, flowers etc.) and stick it all together one one paper. 

I made my first dream collage two years ago. At first I thought that it will be just for fun and like that. But after some months things from my collage started to came true and happen. 

So  that's why I make new one every New Year. I guess you want to hear some examples right?

The first thing what happened from my dream collage was that we got another cat. I have always another cat and one day my mum said that we are about to have a kitten, Her friend had many kittens and we took one. You may thing it was just a coincidence, but no. It was just the beginning,

Many small things also came true from my collage. Like I bought boots what I have always wanted, a big and shiny boyfriend kind of clock, jean jacket also was in my dream collage.Also this year I added in my dream college many things related with job and working, because I really badly wanted to find a good job, where not only I can get money and save it ( saving money was also part of this years collage) but also a job who I would love with all of my heart. And I found one!

But then the biggest thing happened. Many of my friends knows that biggest dream is to go London. It has been my dream since I started to understand things about other city's and country's haha. AND GUESS WHAT? I know I have been talking a lot about this in my last post, but yeaahh - we are going to London in exactly two weeks. 

If you are too lazy or more of a internet kind of a person,then make a collection in weheartit.com or printerest.com .  I have made one there too, but its more of a much bigger dreams...more like life goals. ( getting married in a church, have many kids and like that) But you of course can make a one all your dreams...like a online dream collage. 

I don't know exactly how this work but I guess it has to do something that you see your dream collage everyday ( if you of course put it somewhere where you have to face it everyday) and you see your dreams and think - Gosh I really want it to come true or I really want to buy it. So it just simply happens, because you truly think of it and really wish it to come true. That's it.  

I have some things in my mind already what I am going to put it my dream collage 2016. But this is a story what I still want to keep to myself. (Sometimes it just feels better)

So guys take out your old magazines, get scissors and start working for your dream collage. Because it really does help you get your dreams come true. 

Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

All the love. Annie. 


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