Attending concert.

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Hello my lovely readers.

  I'm back again with new story. You all already know that I went to my favorite singer's concert two days ago. And you all probably can imagine how happy I am because that seriously was the best ever.

This was kind of a fancy concert because it was happening in our concert hall ''Dzintaru koncertzāle'' so it's obvious that you need to look at least a little bit fancy. So i will let you take a look at what I was wearing. 

So to not be very fancy I wore simply  little white dress.I think every girl need to have at least one white dress, because let's be honest - we can wear it to every situation. Fancy or simply, with the right accessories it will mach the events theme. Also I  thought it will look perfect with my tanned skin.

Sadly it's already the end of summer so it's getting colder by every day so it means Annie is not going anywhere without her jean jacket and this wasn't exception. But let's be honest what can look better than white dress and jean jacket together?!

To make my white dress shine more I wore my gold necklace which I bought in H&M only for 1. Also I wore  earrings, but I chosen  really little ones not to look too shiny with all the jewelry.

Also I finally tried my NYX red lipstick called chaos. Have to say that it's really really sustainable. After two hours of singing it still looked like I just applied it. Thank you Anna for this lipstick very very much!!!

I don't know how about others, but I think I'm surely not the only one who to events like this always takes small bag, where you can just put a phone, lipstick and wallet. Like, what else you need it's much more comfortable when you don't need to worry where to put your big bag. And for the shoes I chosen simply summer sandals and painted my nails blue. 

I have to say the biggest thank you to my sister who gave me these tickets to birthday. This was seriously the best.I love you very very much sis!!!

When we went to Dons concert in february this happened. This time sadly  we didn't get a picture and we also weren't in front row, but it still was the best concert eveeeeerrr!!!!

Thank youuuuu!!!

All the love. Annie xx



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