Festival time!!

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This year I went to ''Summer sound festival'' in Liepāja. I have to say that the weather was not the most perfect one for festival but I had a really really great time there. Even if it was rainning a litte bit in the first day.

The only problem I had was the hard question -What to wear?
Festival took place at the seaside so it made this question even more problematic than it already was. Wind and rain not the best friends for festival for sure.

So I choose simple black leggings, because I knew that with shorts would be too cold and also they are very comfy for both dancing andalso for sleeping in the tent.
Then I choose baggy festival kind of shirt with  patterns. The same as leggings it's universal and still looks pretty. To not freeze I as always took my jean jacket with me (never going without it in cold days) and it perfectly supplemented my outfit. 

Now take a really good advice from me and always remember it and keep it in your mind ALWAYS. NEVER NEVER NEVER wear new shoes to festival. NEVER. 

Before going to Liepāja I bought crocs. I thought that they are really comfy and will be okay for the days at the beach. Like where else I could wear them. Also I was pretty sure that they wont scour my foot. I was wrong so so so wrong. I endured like that first day but I knew that for next day it won't be possible to endure all those amazing bands. So I needed to buy some cheap sneakers. And omg I felt like a people again and danced all night.

I kind of think that there is some kind of rule that you need to have fringes in your outfit for festivals. So the little bag is the perfect solution for cold days when you don't want to wear fringed shirts or skirts.

Also I'm pretty sure you always want to wear flowers in your hair at festivals. I took my sunflower crown and it was the perfect supplement.

And the last thing for festivals are tattoos. This time I don't mean the real ones. But I meant  shimmering metallic temporary tattoos. I took two tattoos from ''Zeltīte Tattoos'' - peacock feather and
yin and yang. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you are going to enjoy your festival if you are going to some this summer!!! ((:


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