Birthday girl!!!

And again came that part of the year when I got older.Now I officially can say that I'm 19 and had one really amazing and nice birthday party with my closest friends. This is it. My last teenage year haha.

After last year when we made pretty huge party, because of the ''18'' I knew that this year I want something much peaceful. And I have to say that this year was much much better than last year.

This year was special also because first time I made a cocktail all by myself with no help at all. Pretty much proud about my self haha. 
The ''recipe'' for it is really easy. You just need vodka, enjoy with lemon, mint and lime taste,
cranberry juice and ice. And then just mix them all together. Just don't forget that vodka is with
much lower dose than enjoy and juice. 

The cake I made was really easy too. And i took me just an hour to make it. It's called raspberry and
curd cake. 

So  for cake base you need : 300 g biscuits( better take ones without any specific taste) and  100 g butter. For the original recipe there was also hazelnuts but i'm not a really big fan of them so i choose not to use them. 

Then for the stuffing you will need : 300g curd, 150g cream, 2 tablespoons( i added more) 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar, 250 g raspberry. 

So first you just crush biscuits together with butter but it in your cake's shape and leave it a little bit in fridge to solidify.

Then make stuffing. Add to curd  whipped cream, add sugar and vanilla sugar. Mix all and then add raspberrys. Leave some berry's for decorations. And its actually all cake its ready. Said that its easy game. 

And now let's talk about presents. haha

I seriously have the best friends EVER EVER. All the present were so amazing. Like seriously amazing. I now have bunch of HOMEMADE bath bubble ball, also not homemade.So now I can go to bath like everyday for a week or more haha. I got books omg how I love when people give me books, its like the best ever haha.I have a little book full with quotes to have a happier life, A christmas books from Charles Dickens (There's A christmas Carol omg :D) and ''All the bright places'' from Jennifer Niven.

 I also have now home-spa and also recipes for different spa stuffs. (you can see in the picture that my friend changed my last name from Rutkovska to RutkovSPA :D)  RED LIPSTICK from NYX like hell yeahh. Also my friend gave me a list with movies I need to watch and popcorn so I guess we all know what I will be doing in next rainny day haha. And a little hand cream with kiwi smell. and actually i was looking at this  some time ago and thought - Jesus I need this. and here it is ;D Also I got box of sunshine and it's full with many little amazing things in yellow for example like lemon, yellow notebook, naipolish, sopa and many other things. . Soap from ''Stenders'' that smells like spring and other one like caramel...seriously soo amazing.Also homemade soap what smells like nature and Im loving it.I alos have now little strawberry and raspberry shower gel what smells like heaven and im taking it to London in September!!   Honey and fresh mint what smells so freaking amazing around whole flat.And also I got some candies, chocolate, donuts, wine and champagne.

Also I need to add that we all were playing game called ''Mafia'' hopefully you all know what I'm talking about, if you don't then bad. So yeahh I was mafia all the times and I have to say that I have improved my lying skills. First time when I played this I really sucked at this game. I was laughing and so everyone figured out that I was mafia. This time I lied like a pro. Can't wait the next time we will play this haha.

 I  can't stop smiling every time I look at all these amazing things. I really really love my friends with all my heart and I am so freaking happy that I have you all. You all are the best. And thank you for making my 19 birthday so perfect.

P.S. Its time for pictures.

P.S.S My family is also amazing because they simply are and also because  they game me concert tickets to one of my favorite latvian singers Dons concert in august AAAAAAHHH fangirl moment. haha

Here they are. All my beautiful and amazing girls.

Much love. Hope you enjoyed

Old Annie xoxo (:


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