Against animal testing.

Hello my dear readers.

Have you ever thought how your favorite cosmetic is made? Let's be honest , we all know that there's  bunch of brands that tests everything on animals.
What actually is animal testing? 
 The term "animal testing" refers to procedures performed on living animals for purposes of research into basic biology and diseases, assessing the effectiveness of new medicinal products, and testing the human health and/or environmental safety of consumer and industry products such as cosmetics, household cleaners, food additives, pharmaceuticals and industrial/agro-chemicals.

I started to pay attention to all these kind of things some time ago and now I always do check and sometimes I am really disappointed to find some good brand and see that they use animals.. I really do hope if people will buy much less those brands then they will stop it....

So to make things easier I will make a list with brands that do not test on animals and then the most ''popular''ones that does. So if you maybe will start to also.

It all started when I saw many pictures on facebook.... and realized what it actually means to make some mascara for us kills...literally. 
Many rabbits are victims of eye  irritancy tests. They got a lot 
injuries and once their recorded, they are killed.

Sometimes people think that animal are only cats and dogs, but the truth is that ALL of them don't deserve a life like that!

Many of the animals tests by L’Oreal are on rabbits, dogs, and cats.
    But the company has a special preference for rabbits because they are the only animal who can't flush chemicals out of their eyes without using aids like water or their paws

 The most popular brands that use animal testing :
  •  Dove
  •  Garnier
  •  Johnson & Johnson
  • Huggies
  •  Lancome
  •  L'Oreal
  •  Max Factor
  •  Pantene
  • Maybelline
  • Sensodyne
 These are the ones I know and actually it's really sad to look at all the most popular brands and know the truth.Shame on you.

Are you really worth it?? 

If you agree with me  that animal testing is bad then sign this !!!

Okay now to more positive things. 

Brands that are against animal testing:

  • Himalaya
  • Avon
  • Oriflame
  • NIX cosmetics
  • The Body Shop 
  • Nivea
  • Hello Kitty
  • M.A.C. cosmetics
  • biOrganics
  • fruttini
  •  Bio2You
  • Rossmann (Alterra, Rival de Loop, Rival de Loop Young, Rossmann, Isana, Perlodent, Lilibe, Facelle, Synergen, Accent, Alouette, Altapharma, Babydream, Cerrus, Flink & Sauber, For Your Beauty, Fusswohl, Liliputz, Mel Merio, Sunozon, Wellness & Beauty)
  •  Dzintars (LV)
  • Madara (LV)
  •  Kiwi Cosmetics (LV)
  •  Nivea
  • Aveda
  • Superdrug 
 One issue with finding truly cruelty-free beauty brands is that brands can call themselves “cruelty-free” if they do not test their finished products on animals, but they can still buy ingredients from suppliers who are conducting animal tests.

 Sadly there are many company's  for example as Victoria secret beauty and Sephora who at first was cruelty free but then started selling in China. ( China is a country that requires animal testing)

What's the alternative?
If lack of human relevance is the fatal flaw of "animal models," then a switch to human-relevant research tools is the logical solution. The National Research Council in the United States has expressed its vision of “a not-so-distant future in which virtually all routine toxicity testing would be conducted in human cells or cell lines”, and science leaders around the world have echoed this view.

 Modern non-animal techniques are already reducing and superseding experiments on animals, and in European Union, the "3Rs" principle of replacement, reduction and refinement of animal experiments is a legal requirement. In most other parts of the world there is currently no such legal imperative, leaving scientists free to use animals even where non-animal approaches are available.(Found on

Let's just all hope that by time there won't be anymore animal testing!! And till that if you agree with all this...let's just not buy those products. You may think how can one person make a difference, but in reality all the changes always starts with one people. 

Let's make a change and our world a much better place for our little friends, animals!! 

All the love, Annie xxx


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  1. Hey, I went here immediately after chat.
    Essence, Nivea and MAC are my favorite so I'm happy, but I also love Maybelline, L'Oreal, Garnier, Max Factor... :( and Sensodyne is the only toothpaste I can use >.<
    but you did a good job here and hopefully I'll start to pay more attention to this issue :)

    xo Honey
    Royal Lifestyle

  2. Hey I don't know if you will see this comment but if anyone is reading this the information on this blog is not 100% right. Mac cosmetics and Nivea definitely test on animals! They sell their products in China which means they are demanded by law to test their products in animals for them to be allowed in China.
    Hope this helps xx