Mother's day.

Mother's Day is no longer beyond the horizon, so this is the last time to start to think about present for your mum. I have always thought that the best present for mum's are something you have made by yourself. Mum's always  highly valued  something you have spent hours making. My mum likes all self-made things  put on the shelf next to  pictures so everyone can see it. But now to the point.

Usually my big brother and sister comes up with some crazy ideas for big present for our mum. Me as a student with no work and no money can't help them a lot.

But I can come up with some amazing idea how to supplement gift.And I really did.  

So here's what I made.

This is what cover looks like. ( We ❤️ you )

This is what inside looks like. (This much)
It is really really simple card and I think that everyone could make it, but at the same time as a part of bigger present i think it will look great.

You just need to ask your big sister or brother (if you have)  to buy you a cardboard sheet in beautiful color and then show your mum how much you love it. Knowing my mum who always loves all the little think, she is going to absolutely love this. (also the rest of the present :D) 

I hope you enjoyed. :)

P.S. Don't forget to congratulate your mom!!!!


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