Making the perfect birthday present. part 1.

Do you have that one friend for who you want to make the best present ever possible??

If yes, then you sure thing know how hard it is to find something really catchy in shops. Especially if you know that you want to make something that no one else could ever think of.

So the only answer is to make something by yourself (isn't it always?)

So I took a lot of ideas and made them into one big idea.

Here's what I did:

First of all I found some unnecessary, but good quality shoebox, what I know no one will use.

All the boxes inside I painted with black gouache.

The bad think about this box was that it was glossy at some parts and also from outside, so it wasn't possible to paint it.But I found the prefect solution.


Don't forget to draw shape of

shoe boxes edges so it fits perfectly.

I found black cardboard pages and glued it in places where I couldn't paint.

On previous image you can see a little bit what the outside looks when its with the black cardboard.

In order to cardboard fit perfectly on the glossy surface I used  bilateral adhesive tape.


Bilateral adhesive tape is really good thing to use in times like these. It's not going to come off and it sticks perfect. 

Not wanting box to be all black,I took a picture from old calendar and glued it on box cover.


For this I also used bilateral adhesive tape, because not only the box was glossy but also picture. By the way it's New York city in the picture :)

So this is what I did at the beginning, but it sure thing is not all. 
I'm going to add some more nuances for the box and I'm going to put inside the box-19 little thing's every 19 years old girl need to have and also some jokes for brighter days. 

Next part coming up soon. 

I hope you enjoyed xx


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